How to take Moringa – recipes

How to take Moringa

We recommend that you start by taking 1/2 tsp a day.  This may not seem much, but moringa is potent, and this gives your body time to adjust. If you take large amounts initially, you may experience a detoxifying effect.

You may wish to increase consumption to 1tsp per day in the second week, and continue to increase over subsequent weeks until you are taking 2-4 tsp per day.  You may take more, studies have shown that at quantities far higher than a human can actually consume, there are no reported side-effects.

The taste is slightly bitter: grassy, a bit like nettles, and not unpleasant. The flavour comes from the same chemical compounds as kale, cabbage, brocolli, mustard, etc (the cruciferous vegetables).  A bit of bitterness is good!  These vegetables are known for their healthy properties, however moringa outperforms them all – its even been hailed as the ‘most nutritious pant in the world’.

Here are some ways you can take our moringa:

  1. Whizz it into smoothies (best and easiest).
  2. Blend into soups.  Add to cooked dishes at the last moment to prevent heat damage – it is most nutritious when raw.
  3. Blend into yoghurt, great with fruit such as apples, blackberries or raspberries.  This is probably my favourite way of adding moringa to my diet.  It does make the yoghurt taste slightly avocado-ish, but I like it.
  4. Blend into guacamole (we like it with a bite of chilli added).
  5. Just mix into a glass of water – many people take it this way.  It forms clumps so needs vigorous stirring or shaking in a bottle.
  6. Give us your suggestions in the comments below.

We’ll add recipes and serving suggestions below as we discover them and continue to develop the site.

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